Silver brushed label

Silver brushed label

Silver brushed label,Stainless steel effect,

Electrical labels are suitable for industrial product applications, 

equipment labels, machine control panel labels, electrical UL labels, 

high temperature resistant warning labels, danger, refrigerated display cabinets, 

outdoor weather proof labels, automotive advertising stickers, and more.

The basic requirements for electrical labels are waterproof, sunscreen, and aging resistance. 

The label content can be changed.

Some electrical equipment control panel labels require a drum button,

while others require transparent windows.

Our custom electrical labels are printed on sturdy white vinyl or transparent polyester.

Both have special UV inks. Apply them internally or externally, depending on the application.

Suitable for cars, window advertising, outdoor signage, and solar products.

Outdoor sunscreen electrical labels are printed on durable label materials, including polyester and vinyl.

Vinyl label material is finished in a durable white matte finish.

The polyester label material has a transparent and clear surface treatment.

The selection of label materials is typically based on the color or transparency 

of the items to be applied to weather resistant labels.

Transparent polyester fibers are used for door and window glass (oven labels), 

while white vinyl can be used for machinery and electrical appliances.

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