instructions label

Multilayer adhesive label,Self-adhesive label printing can achieve 4 layers and 6 sides of printing, folding instruction manual self-adhesive label integration, can expand more content description. Suitable for food label, drug label, cosmetic label.

Multilayer adhesive label

Our  instructions label printing can include folding instructions inside the label.

The tag for the extension can contain up to 10 pages of instructions.

Our printing  technique: print, full version of UV and local UV, screen printing, laminating, 

varnishing, bronzing, mounted, beer, relief,Multilayer Lamination,Laser engraving.

Printed by UV offset printing methods on label.

We help plan your project, quote a reasonable price and deliver an excellent finished product.

Our value comes from the combination of quality, price, customization and service. 

We offer over 40 different types of custom-printed labels.

Our custom Multi layer self-adhesive label are printed onto rugged white vinyl or transparent polyester. 

The label is applied to a variety of bottles that require extended content descriptions

Great for Food label,Drug label,Cosmetic label,Bottle labels.

As long as DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT can reach, you can place an order

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